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40 min.
15 min.


250 ml water
400 gr Molino Riva buckwheat flour
salt, to taste
100 gr Molino Riva white flour
100 gr butter
150 gr grated Grana Padano cheese
350 gr potatoes
1 clove of garlic
pepper, to taste
250 gr Valtellina Casera cheese
250 gr chard or Savoy cabbage

Preparation of the pasta: mix the two flours in a bowl; add the water and knead until you obtain a compact dough. Then wrap the dough in plastic film and let it rest for at least thirty minutes in a cool place. Roll out the dough on a pastry board with a rolling pin to a thickness of 2-3 millimetres and form strips 7-8 cm wide. Overlap the strips obtained by alternating them with a sprinkling of flour to ensure that they do not stick together; then cut them lengthwise to obtain tagliatelle about 5 millimetres wide. Leave to rest on a floured surface, sprinkling them with flour. Then proceed with the preparation of the sauce: cut the cheese into small pieces; separate the leaves from the stems and cut them into sticks 1 cm wide so that they can cook quickly. Wash the stems and leaves under running water. Peel and cut the potatoes into chunks. Boil the vegetables in boiling salted water and cook for 5 minutes; add the pizzoccheri to the vegetables. Melt the butter together with the garlic until it starts to brown. After 10 minutes of cooking, drain the pizzoccheri with a skimmer and pour part of them into a casserole dish, sprinkle with the grated Grana Padano and chopped Valtellina Casera and continue alternating the pizzoccheri with the cheese. Remove the garlic from the melted butter and pour it over the pizzoccheri. Serve the pizzoccheri hot with a sprinkling of freshly ground pepper.