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Breaded cutlets

Breaded cutlets

Cotolette impanate


25 min.
50 min.


500 gr veal slices
2 eggs
150 gr Profumo di Mulino cornmeal coating
salt, to taste
extra virgin olive oil, to taste

Remove any fat from the slices of veal and beat them lightly with your hand or with a tenderizer and add salt. In a bowl beat the eggs with a pinch of salt and dip the slices of meat. Then pass them in the cornmeal coating, so that it adheres well to the whole surface. Make small cuts on the edge of the slices with scissors, in order to prevent them from curling up during cooking. In a large frying pan, heat a little olive oil - the meat should not be completely immersed - and cook the slices for 8-10 minutes, until they are golden brown, turning them halfway through cooking. Drain the breaded slices on a sheet of absorbent paper and serve very hot.